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South Orange/Maplewood Public Schools

The South Orange/Maplewood school district has a longstanding reputation of excellence. Depending on your street address, you are zoned for one of five elementary schools, one of two middle schools, and the all-inclusive Columbia High School. I am always asked which elementary school is “the best” and here is the answer: Ask any parent in this district which is the best elementary school, and they will inevitably tell you it’s the school their child attends. They will talk about the wonderful programs, teachers, PTA’s, extra-curricular activities, etc. that their school offers. What does this mean? It means EVERY school is great. I encourage my clients to visit the schools and see for themselves. Principals welcome the opportunity to give tours, just give them a call to schedule one. Call the PTA president or vice president and ask to pick their brain for a few minutes. As a parent and realtor, I can say with certainty that if you are involved in your child’s education, your child will do well. Check out the FACTS AT A GLANCE from the district.